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Spongecola | 'Gemini'

the vacuous night
steps aside to give meaning
to gemini's dreaming
the moon on its back
and the seemingly
veiled room's lit
by the same star.


[Myojo 2014/02] Johnny’s Jr

Credits to the owner

Credits to the owner

Credits to the owner


Marry me, please. :c


Marry me, please. :c

♕ 2001.09.23 → 2013.09.23 
Twelve years of that pretty voice, smile and face.


► Hey! Say! JUMP 6th Anniversary2007年9月242013年9月24


✖ Hey! Say! JUMP; Happy 6th Anniversary; 24th September 2007 ✖


Happy 6th Anniversary! ♥ Hey! Say! JUMP
Thank you for making me smile, thank you for teaching me to dream, thank you for making everyday beautiful with their songs, thank you for the memories of wonderful moments. JUMP DAISUKI!♥


September 24th ♥ Hey! Say! JUMP's Debut (2007)

Debut Single: Ultra Music Power

Happy 6th Anniversary! 幸せな6周年記念!


It is the 6th anniversary of one of the bands that I love in my life♡,thanks to them I could be positive in many cases difficult, thanks to them I was not alone in not having a true friend to me, because they never left behind even that lost a good friend who was ryutaro morimoto, even that did not know him on to me was a great guy in the making of arigatou … not to make it long …. Simply by Hey! Say! JUMP for all … For all that and happened in these two years and a half, and I want you know that I love each and every one of you, I’m your fan mexican that will support further to that I will never run out of magic power. “JUMP always has the magical power”

with love Aranza (Ary)

❝Hey! Say! JUMP 6th Anniversary❞

↬ Ultra Music Power ‘07 - Come On A My House ‘13